The word "funeral" in Greek is “Kedeia” (“κηδεία”) which comes from the Greek ancient verb "Kedo" (“κήδω”) which in Modern Greek means "I take care", referring to the honors accepted by the deceased both in the rituals of purification of the body and in its blessing.

We deeply understand the importance of the last «farewell». This moment should be such that the family of the deceased feels that the last goodbye was complete without any omission whatsoever.

We take care of you when you need it most.

With absolute responsibility, our office takes care that all technical procedures are carried out correctly. Our experience and our strictly selected personnel ensure that we create an environment for you that is protected to the maximum from additional concerns and stresses.

However, the funeral is not only about the smooth conduct of procedures. he experience of the funeral is a traumatic one for the loved ones of the deceased. In our years of operation, we have experienced pain in all its forms and dimensions. Therefore, our office team is aware of what the family needs - discretion, respect, and understanding.

The funeral

Papamakarios Funeral Services undertakes the organization of funerals with respect to your religious customs and your financial capacity. We deal every funeral with dignity, trust, and consistency. We relieve you of any concern, as we take care of all the details.

Postmortem care

We take care of your loved one with respect. Our goal is for the last appearance of your loved one to be as close as possible to your last pleasant memory of them. Through years of training in Greece and abroad, we ensure the dignified appearance of your person during the funeral.

The procedure of the funeral

We are aware of how fragile the situation is when one loses a loved one. You are not in the ideal situation to organize and coordinate procedures. Therefore, our office and our trained personnel are there for you. We undertake to carry out all the necessary procedures, always respecting your wishes.

We deal every funeral with dignity, trust, and consistency. We relieve you of any concern about procedural details, while we adapt the financial burden as closely as possible to your own capabilities.

Knowing that there are cases when people are unable to be there with you and support you

Papamakarios Funeral Services created an online platform for those who cannot attend the funeral.

Through this e-platform, we provide the opportunity for those who could not attend to send their condolences electronically. At the end of the funeral , we will hand you a special folder with documents that you will later need in the various services, as well as all the messages of support sent electronically.

Our focus lies always on people

At Papamakarios Funeral Services we are aware of the importance of human bonds and the challenges that every family faces in times of loss.

Every aspect of this sacred sacrament is organized entirely by us based on your wishes and your financial capabilities. Based on religious traditions and the nowadays trends, our office is committed to providing you with excellent services at the lowest cost.

Our personnel remains at your disposal for any help or clarification you may need.

You can contact us here so we can take care of your needs.