Memorial in ancient Greek is “mnomai” (“μνῶμαι ”) which means to think about something or someone. This is the very nature of the memorial. They are commemoration ceremonies that take place after the escort of the deceased to their final resting place, and after several days since their death.

The importance of memorial

The memorial service is the symbolic ceremony based on religion and it is held in memory of the deceased. During the memorial service, those present participate in a memorial prayer for the repose of the soul of the deceased.

The memorial service is known for the koliva (kollyva). Its symbolism in religion is one of the most powerful and promising. According to it, as the wheat falls to the earth but grows again stronger from the beginning, so man ends up in the ground only until he gloriously rises again.

Memorial Services | When is the memorial service held?

Our office, with all the necessary knowledge and experience, undertakes all the procedures of the ceremony. Our team makes sure that all your wishes concerning the three- and nine-day, six-month, and annual commemorations are properly taking place.

Through our long-standing partnerships with the best professionals, we take care of everything you need, within your budget, understanding the challenges of the day.

Our focus lies on people

We always offer tailored services, respecting the uniqueness of each person and the impact they have had on the lives of their loved ones and friends.

Our office, going one step further, provides the opportunity to those who are unable to attend the commemoration to send their messages of support to you.

This is achieved electronically via our special e-platform, free of charge. The messages of your friends and family are gathered by our team and then are handed over to your after the memorial service.