Transportation of the body

Transportation is a necessary process, but it is a burden on the already distressed psychology of the family. This procedure though is the responsibility of the funeral homes.

We are here for you

The aim of the Papamakarios Funeral Services is to do everything possible to relieve the family from the unnecessary psychological burden of transporting the body of the deceased and establish an atmosphere of security for them to mourn their loved one in peace, regarding the transfer of their loved one from our funeral home.

The Papamakarios Funeral Services complies with European regulations

Papamakarios Funeral Services undertakes the transportation f the funeral with respect and safety, to and from Athens or any part of Greece. The transfer of the body is carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the World Health Organization and the EU for funeral homes.

The funeral home's procedures for transporting the body.

The Papamakarios Funeral Services has a full fleet of privately owned vehicles and equipment. This provides us with full control over the quality of our services and you with the support you need to feel at this tough time.

Our focus lies on people

The loss of a loved one is a shock for every family. Our aim is to contribute as much as possible to the care of your psychological state. Therefore, our funeral home takes over the care and transport of the body up to the moment of burial.

Our qualified personnel is always at your disposal and at your side.