Repatriation of the body

What is repatriation

Repatriation of a body is the process by which your loved one is transported and buried in the country and city of their choice or of the loved ones. The repatriation may refer either to an area within Greece or a country abroad.

The repatriation is a process which causes the family of the deceased a considerable degree of anxiety. Our office, with many years of experience in repatriation, relieves the family of this stress by taking care of all the procedures, from the transport of the body to the funeral.

Body transportation according to European standards.

With a complete fleet of privately owned vehicles, we guarantee the transport of your loved one with strictly professional standards. Our company carries out the transport of the body in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the World Health Organization and the EU governing our country or the country of destination.

Worldwide coverage

Our presence in the funeral industry since 1957 has allowed us to establish and maintain partnerships with the most prominent funeral homes worldwide.

Combined with the constant monitoring of our fleet, we manage to carry out the transport of the body quickly, safely, and of course with respect and professionalism. In this way, we create a climate of trust for the family of the deceased, removing any justifiable anxiety.

The family is entitled to be able to mourn its loss, without further ado. his is our aim, and the reason our procedures for repatriation always remain strictly controlled.

Our focus lies on people, during the entire process of repatriation of the body.

All the personnel of Papamakarios Funeral Services is here to support you, trying our best to ease your emotional charge.

Our office undertakes and carries out all the necessary procedures for the repatriation of the body of your loved one. We take into account all the concerns you may have, including the financial one. The quality of our services remains unchanged, as does our respect and dedication to the work we undertake for you.