Political funeral

What is political funeral

A political funeral is one of the services provided by funeral homes, prior to burial or cremation. During a political funeral there are no rituals, of any religious doctrine. The deceased, or their relatives, opt for a political funeral mainly for religious reasons.

The political funeral usually takes place outside or in specially arranged rooms, if provided by the funeral home. In our country, this kind of funeral is covered by law since 1976.

The procedures of Political Funeral

At Papamakarios Funeral Services, with respect to the free will, we undertake the organization of the political funeral, in specially designed places.

Our personnel, always with discretion, will guide you through all the necessary procedures before the political funeral. These procedures are related to decisions such as the ideal for you place for the funeral, from a variety that our office offers. We are there for the choice of the flower decoration of the room based on your wishes.

During a political funeral, the family and loved ones of the deceased can proceed to eulogies. Moreover, understanding the fragility of the day, during the funeral there is an opportunity to express your thoughts and wishes of support in writing.

Body care at a political funeral

We treat the body of the deceased with solemn respect in our specially designed areas. The trained personnel of our office takes care of the appearance of the body of your loved one, ensuring that it will remain unchanged, and they will receive the final farewell with the appropriate dignity.

A political funeral always with a focus on the person.

Our experience and international training allow us to offer you quality services, which will ease, as much as possible, your negative experience and your pain to minimum.

The office and the personnel of Papamakarios Funeral Services make sure that you always feel our support, respect, and discretion. Since 1957, each family and each person has influenced and guided us in our work. These rules strictly govern all types of funeral services we undertake, including political funerals.

This is one of the reasons why at our office you can choose the type of political funeral you consider most suitable for your loved one. We adapt to the financial capabilities of each family, with unchanged quality.

Our vision is to ensure delivering a funeral with respect, dignity, and quality, so that you feel that the last farewell remains unchanged and inextricably linked to your loved one.